A professional team: More than just a title

Become a trader under the guidance of a dedicated faculty

The content of the trading course has been chosen by prestigious names in finance, each an expert in their field of study.
The choice of content is directed by one aim: to make our students into elite traders, by preparing them for the high demands of business banks and investment funds.
The diverse origins of the CIT faculty:

Permanent Faculty

With prestigious backgrounds, they are:

  • University Professors
  • Engineers
  • Researchers

They cover diverse disciplines and fields of study, notably in:

  • Technical analysis
  • Financial mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Computer science
  • Psychology
  • Money management

They are united by two common passions: market finance and education.

Exterior Contributors

The CIT’s faculty integrates contributors from business and investment banks, stakeholders in market finance, wealth managers, and high frequency traders to provide students with a strong connectivity into the world of professional finance, throughout both the academic and applicative parts of the course.

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