Level of English required for acceptance into the Become a Trader program at the CIT USA

The Californian Institute of Trading’s ambition is to mould its students into future stakeholders of market finance, and to give them the keys to understanding international trading.  A perfect mastery of English is therefore indispensible.  We don’t require that students be bilingual in order to be accepted into the CIT, nonetheless we require that they have a good level.

The instruction of daily and professional English is at the core of our activity at the CIT.  All graduates of the Institute can therefore expect to be perfectly bilingual by the end of their studies.

English Exam

Admittance into the CIT requires a minimum level of English as measured by an evaluation test that measures linguistic competencies: listening, reading, and writing.  The applicant’s speaking skills will be judged during the final part of the entrance exam in the interview.

Format of the written English exam:

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Multiple Choice format
  • 100 questions
  • Score out of 300 points (Correct response-+3 / No response = 0 / Incorrect Response= -1). 

These questions seek to evaluate the applicant’s oral and written comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. They are based on written documents and audio recordings that are distributed to candidates during the test.

Required Score

The minimum passing score is set at 150 points.


Refer to the calendar for practical details on the exam schedule

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