An original school specialized in trading

An original school specialized in trading

Varied theory courses

Our students take diverse courses in theory, which offers them a chance to develop their sense of economic understanding and a solid comprehension of the trading world, which they will one day be a part of. From financial mathematics to different forms of economics, 20th century theories on the geopolitical events to come, all the fields that have something to offer to the CIT’s students are studied in course.  All of the professors have the pedagogic qualifications necessary to teach in higher education institutions, and are involved in the world of finance or business.  The CIT’s trading program is divided into the study of subjects within economics and finance, and disciplines related to trading techniques.

In addition to technical skills, such as money management for traders or technical analysis, the CIT hopes to instill in its students a sense of open-mindedness and curiosity about the world and its events, so that they will be reactive in the face of change, and know how to analyze each of their decisions in relation to its context. It is for this that the ability to understand current events and to analyze geopolitics also form a great part of the CIT’s Become a Trader program.

To pursue one’s education in Los Angeles also implies a perfect mastery of English, which is equally important in a trading room or on a trading platform.   Two English courses, one in professional English and one in common English are included in the program.  All other courses are given in English, as well as the practical training course in the trading room, to such a high level that the CIT guarantees that its students will be bilingual by the end of their time in the trading school.  The ability to speak excellent English is so deeply important to the CIT that the diploma can only be received after the student’s English level is proven.

The CIT’s originality : the duality of its training course

The Californian Institute of Trading’s most attractive feature is the double sense of its education: following the morning theory classes, students practice what they learned in a trading room, so that they may benefit from its practical applications. This guarantees a rapid retention of knowledge, and students are never ‘stuck’ with a one-dimensional sense of understanding.  In addition to their diploma, students leave the school with a concrete experience in trading, thus adding weight to their CV.

 A research laboratory integrated into the CIT

The CIT has a research program revolving around the most specialized trading disciplines, such as behavioral finance and high frequency trading.  This research occurs in the school’s laboratories, by doctorates from throughout the world.  This offers a true opportunity to students at the trading school, who, while working alongside finance’s current researched issues, may offer their input.

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