Double your technical skills with a true Trading experience

At the Californian Institute of Trading, the technical and relational skills needed to become a Trader are studied in classes, in highly animated courses with a pedagogic team of professionals from the stock broking world. These theoretic courses are founded on classes prepared with care, and are presented to students, all while allowing freedom of student expression, permitting them to share, communicate and analyze their personal views and their professional experience.

In effect, half of the time working in the school is dedicated to the application of financial principals seen in class and in the Trading Room, where students practice trading in real time.
The course offered by the CIT is unique in its kind and has already attracted the attention of recruiters in financial organizations. Essentially, throughout their studies at the CIT, students develop trading strategies, and their professional habits are supervised and corrected by professionals with extensive experience in the field. Theoretical courses provide students with a chance to review and analyze the work they’ve done in the Trading Room, which is not always possible in a stock exchange, where the slightest error can be fatal to a career in trading. The habits and reasoning skills developed in the school are made to last and characterize a highly efficient manner of working, which is an essential skill in the eyes of top researchers.

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