Certified Trading Track Record

What is the CIT’s Certified Track Record?

Throughout the practical training in the trading room, the student’s exchanges and trades are recorded, in order to evaluate their quality, as well as the evolution of their performance in real time.  The students must also explain the motives for each of their transactions, in order to determine the rationality of their behavior in the face of the market, and to improve themselves both in the short term and the long term.

The track record, explaining the student’s transaction history, serves as a perfect descriptor for their skills and reveals their potential.  Each semester, this track record will receive a noted grade from the student’s tutor.  At the end of the practical training, students will receive their track records, certified by the CIT, displaying the trader’s essential ‘DNA’, which offers future employers perfect visibility on the candidate. 

To learn more about the track record, click here.

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