Resources to assist students in preparing for the TOEFL

Resources to assist students in preparing for the TOEFL

The TOEFL, the most well known test in the job market

The Californian Institute of Trading, just as over 9,000 other establishments throughout the world, has made the choice to require its students to take the TOEFL test as part of the training course. This test serves as a reference within the world of commerce and market finance; it is absolutely international and recognized by all major companies as an evaluation of candidate’s linguistic competencies.

Our trading school uses as a condition of obtaining the final diploma, because all recruiters know it as proof of mastery of the English language. The TOEFL, in effect, reinforces the excellence of our training course and diploma. In choosing one of our students, recruiters have certainty that they have chosen an excellent candidate who carries all of the skills necessary for the job.

Test overview

Two free sessions will be available for the CIT’s students: one before Christmas vacation, and the other before the final exams at the end of the year. In order to prepare them the most efficiently, and with the goal that our students won’t have to take it a third time on their own, the CIT provides reference works and classes specifically designed for the preparation of the TOEFL. This preparation provides all information necessary to pass this exam. It is scored out of 120 points and divided into four sections that are worth 30 points each: written expression, oral expression, written comprehension and aural comprehension. The Trading Institute has set the required minimum score at 100 points, which provides recruiters with proof of sufficient linguistic competency.

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