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Reference works for the Become a Trader CIT USA program

The students at the Californian Institute of Trading must pass several tests before becoming qualified professional traders. These tests are known both nationally in France as well as on a worldwide scale, and they provide official proof of the student’s linguistic, reasoning, and logical skills. Even so, these tests do not concern the concrete knowledge obtained in the trading school, which is instead measured through final exams at the end of the year.  Rather, they represent an undeniable asset for the student’s CV once face to face with a recruiter. The principal tests for the CIT’s program are :

In order to better prepare all students for these tests, which are very challenging and at times full of unpleasant surprises, the Californian Institute of Trading provides its students with an e-learning platform where they can train themselves with multiple choice questions, simulations of time-restricted testing situations, and corrections.  This e-learning platform contains multiple units, so the user has free range to practice whichever skills they wish.  It is not a question of giving our students excess work, but rather to provide them with all the tools necessary to their success.

In addition to the e-learning program, specific publications created by members of our faculty for each test are available, always with the goal of better preparing the CIT’s students for the tasks ahead.

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