Resources for the CIT USA’s Become a Trader training course

Pedagogic Resources for the CIT USA’s Become a Trader training course

Resources for exam preparation and student success in the training course

Ressources pédagogiquesdu programme de formation pour traderStudents hoping to become traders and gain admission into the CIT must take multiple exams, which are explained in further detail in the admission section. To help them pass these tests, we provide a booklet of corrected copies of exams from previous course sessions.

As for the diploma issued at the end of studies, which is of course the number one priority of students, in-class instruction is sufficient for exam preparation.

However, in addition to their final exams at the end of the year, the students of the Californian Institute of Trading must pass several international tests to receive their diploma. These tests provide CIT students with dual credit towards their CV: they leave the CIT with the CIT diploma, as well as their international exams certifications.  These exams provide an important opportunity for the CIT’s students, as all finance professionals must one day take them. These exams are costly, difficult to pass and registration space is limited. The CIT lifts these barriers by offering students the possibility to take these exams without any supplementary fees.

The goal of these exams, which do not have a direct connection with the disciplines surrounding market finance, is to test students’ deductive, reasoning and managerial skills, as well as the level of English. These tests are so vital within the working world that the CIT requires that all students pass these tests as a condition of the issuance of diplomas. The excellence of the CIT’s diploma cannot be put into question by recruiters that would consider hiring students, only to find that they lack necessary skills. These international tests therefore function as a further guarantee of the CIT diploma’s quality.

It is not a question of taking tests simply for the sake of taking them, but rather the desire to push students to develop further skills that can be added to their CVs. This is why the school accompanies its students in the preparation of these tests. Specific courses for the preparation of tests will occur before the testing date, and corrections of past exams, testing techniques, and practical information will be made available online, along with an e-learning platform that each student can access.

Educational content available to our students

Always keeping the goal of student success and excellence in mind, the CIT trading school provides its students with various tools to help them in their academic and professional journey. This occurs primarily in course, as well as through the reading of works and articles written by members of our pedagogic team, which complement the courses in theory. As class time has its limits, certain notions that are less important will not be taught in course, and students will need to learn them outside of class.

Publications written by our most experienced instructors and researchers will serve equally as a guide when writing theses and reflective essays linked to modern finance. The students at the CIT will have everything necessary for success at their disposal, as well as much more.

All of our publications related to market finance news can be found in the section “Our Publications”. The most interesting among these publications are available for debate on our blog, where any visitor is free to comment.

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