The CIT’s Philosophy

The CIT’s Philosophy

Assuming Responsibility

Gold Trading, market speculation, mathematical research in optimization have been badly managed as of recent, principally since 2008. To stigmatize finance, and trading in particular, is to misunderstand economic determinants and the unique structures surrounding market finance. All research, as with all innovation, is a creator of jobs and wealth, all of which requires heavy investments. Several paths are possible, notably through credit and call markets. The first path remains somewhat hypothetical and uncertain, especially for innovative projects where weak visibility makes bankers worried, prudent and hesitant to provide loans.  This leaves the option of calling on the market and to investors. This cannot occur without a promise of return on the investment in regards to the risk taken on the project which the investors put faith in. The investors provide the backbone to the project: they invest their holdings, having believed in such and such a project. Ethics and loyalty require that investor interests are the primary concern of the directing party.

However, an investor must be able to recuperate all or a large part of the investment, under a term that is more or less short, depending on the investor’s needs. This is only possible if the exchange structure within the market can offer an essential and basic guarantee: liquidity. 

The positive contribution that speculators bring to the market is precisely this “liquidity”, without which a market becomes weak and anemic. Their presence assures activity and volume. Thanks to their presence, buyers and sellers can find each other easily from across the market. Even better, liquidity guarantees weak slippage in relation to the desired price. Liquidity that speculators bring constitutes therefore a very positive element within markets.

The perfect understanding of the financial and economic mechanisms that the CIT’s stakeholders can boast allows them to hold an uncomplicated relationship with market finance in general, and with research and trading in particular.

At the CIT, we believe in the virtue of market finance and we provoke remarkable performance from our students by providing them with a locale in which they may display their potential.

The excellence of such a training course is necessarily connected with concern for the public welfare.

Research and Development

The second objective of the CIT is to develop a meaningful style of research in the fields of economic, financial mathematics, statistics, computer sciences and market psychology. Each year, the school allocates a budget for grants in each of these domains, thus allowing the some of the world’s most promising students to join our research department.

Social Responsibility

The CIT has another major priority: to create a new generation of Traders, Quants and researchers that are aware of what is at stake in this century, who take measures within their professional activity to offer a positive and creative contribution to the development of responsible performance. The CIT intends to bring its students to assume full responsibility for their future roles as major actors within the financial sector.

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