Introduction into choosing assets

Introduction into choosing assets

What are assets ?

In the language of trading, an asset is a share, a commodity or a resource, where contracts are placed, for example within the pair of currencies Euro-Dollar. In the framework of binary trading options, CIT students have access to a large variety of asset choices; in effect, brokers and binary options offer over 150 assets on various trading platforms.

How to choose quality assets ?

One must first choose an asset according to its attractive position, in the sectors that seem to be naturally strong: Is it better to put one’s faith in an established and innovative company like Apple or Samsung, or is it preferable to turn interest towards a start-up creating revolutionary concepts? Must we stay attached to alternative energies of the future when the fossil fuel market seems much more attractive? These choices depend above all on the placement’s context. It is from here where the CIT’s theoretical courses begin to catch interest: the study of geopolitics, economy and current events directs the Trader’s choice towards the most profitable assets. No decision is taken lightly; choosing an asset involves intensive research and analysis of its past and future tendencies, all of which influence the Trader’s decision. This discipline requires extensive practice before one can consider it mastered, and the CIT requires that its students study it throughout the year in the Trading Room, so that our traders leave with the best possible preparation for any scenario.

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