The CIT’s viewpoint on competition and challenge in Trading

Challenge and Competition at the CIT

Competition between traders is a necessary challenge within finance…

The spirit of competition between students that reigns at the CIT’s trading school has been built around the advice and counsel of financial authorities. Honest competition between those who work within the same Trading Room, and who (we won’t deny it!) are competitors is healthy and normal within the trading world.  Everyone measures their performance to that of their competitors, and their strategies depend on those of their competitors. This is not a race to see who can have the highest returns, but a permanent struggle to have an optimal strategy and analysis of the current market situation.

…But it must be controlled

The Californian Institute of Finance requires that its students follow regulations and laws within finance in order to stop competition from turning into a blind race for profit. In our time, traders must draw inspiration from the results of their competitors in order to improve themselves and learn from the experience. The history of finance has taught us that blindly seeking profit, in order to surpass competitor’s returns and to satisfy the ego is a sign of psychological instability, and often leads to the creation of bad strategies that will, with all probability, lead to losses rather than gains, which are at times colossal.  Several institutions have been created in the aftermath of 2008’s crisis, and the CIT trains its traders using their principles. In the European Union, the program “For a Better Finance” was created, and has since turned financial and banking institutions upside-down, all while recognizing and rewarding their efforts to improve and create a financial system that works for the betterment of all.



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