Conditions for receiving the MBA Trader diploma at the end of the program

Diploma Requirements

Validation of acquired trading knowledge

The theoretical knowledge of different disciplines taught through the MBA Trader program of the CIT will be tested with an exam at the end of each unit. The dates and unit values of each of these courses are presented in the following table. At the end of the year, the criteria for validation are as follows : diplôme de la trading school

  • The student has obtained a score of at least 8/20 in each unit
  • The student has an average greater than 12.

More technical disciplines, such as money management and trading strategy, will be evaluated by an internship track-record in the trading room. The goal of this continuous assessment is to measure the efforts and aptitudes of students during the year in the trading room. However, we advise students to be prudent, as the track record is not in place to motivate students to engage in a blind race for profit, but rather to compensate the most intelligent and well-prepared strategies. This evaluation is accompanied by the grade on the a final internship report and the oral defense presented by each student at the end of the practical training.

Discipline Exam dates Unit value
General English 4/06/18 3
Fundamental Mathematics 4/06/18 6
Financial English 5/06/18 3
Geopolitics 5/06/18 4
Market Psychology 6/06/18 4
Financial Mathematics 6/06/18 7
Economic Decrypting 6/06/18 4
Macroeconomics 7/06/18 5
Microeconomics 7/06/18 5
Current Events 7/06/18 4
Computer Science 7/06/18 5
Internship track record - 30
Final internship report - 12
Orals defense - 8

Additional Exams

A graduate from the Californian Institute of Trading is recognized globally on the work market as a bearer of an excellent education. In order to prove this on the CV to recruiters, the students at the CIT must pass several tests and well-known international certifications before obtaining the trading school diploma. These tests do not replace the school’s diploma, but they reinforce the visibility and originality of the student’s CV when they leave the CIT. These tests also serve as a gauge of the diploma’s excellence, which assure to companies that our student do indeed possess the skills that they put on their CVs.

For these different tests, pedagogic resources are made available to students so that they will have an ideal preparation The goal of this is not to perform a selection, but rather to accompany all CIT students in their success.

  • The TOEFL, the most widely-known English test in the professional world
  • The ICFE, an English test specialized in finance and accounting
  • The GMAT, a test of basic necessary skills that all business professionals need
  • The TAGE MAGE, which evaluates the management skills of students
  • The FRM, or Financial Risk Management certification, granted by authorities in market finance regulation, that authorizes young graduates to exercise an activity in relation with banking or market finance. It is known worldwide and used in all training courses leading to careers in bank and finance.
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