A “Made in the USA” Trading Course

Train in the United States

An environment conductive to trading

The United States created market finance as we know it today: The United States is the birthplace of Wall Street, the Dow Jones and the NASDAQ. The stock market is certainly an international business, and prestigious banking establishments welcome traders in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris and London. But it is in the United States where one finds the largest banking establishments, the largest stock market in the world, and the largest publicly traded corporations.  This is also where the most prestigious trading programs are located, such as in Harvard’s PhD program, and there are many options for getting a Masters in Financial Engineering. 

It is therefore quite natural that the CIT’s trading school chose its location in this land of opportunity, where a large part of the world’s financial current events, such as the various happenings in Wall Street, the fluctuations of the dollar, investments of American enterprises, can be experienced in real time.

Moreover, a trading school’s location can greatly effect how a student enters into the workplace, by network bias and also by the type of the training course taken, which will have different specificities if within the US.

Most European traders move to the United States, because the US offers better work conditions and more attractive wages. Bonuses are higher than in Europe and there is a significantly higher number of businesses that welcome traders. What’s more, in the United States, career development and hiring are seen as an important part of the total professional experience, as much as diplomas are, which is not the case in Europe.

The CIT is therefore naturally located in the United States, where the environment is naturally conductive to a student’s career development.  Students will be able to include the training course’s diploma on their CV not only as further education qualification, but also as an acquired experience, which gives recruiters two good reasons to choose them.

Los Angeles, cadre de vie et d'études en formation trading idéal

A training course full of opportunities

The United States represents a land of opportunity, innovation, and dreamers. Many French students (and other international students) try each year to live and study in New York, Los Angeles or Miami, in an American city full of life and discovery. Our Trading institute allows students to live the American dream, and to further their education in the most modern and dynamic city in the United States.

The course workload certainly weighs quite heavily on CIT students’ busy schedules, but even so their personal exploration and development is supported by an active student life in the heart of a constantly moving metropolis. Opportunities are far from few in Los Angeles: market finance activity, sports, and show business…  It is in this prestigious setting that the CIT’s students can create a vibrant life while at the school, by putting their passions and desire to participate and exchange first. 

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A unique learning experience combining theorical finance and trading courses with the opportunity to apply that knowledge in real a market room.

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