An educational experience created specifically for the CIT USA’s Become a Trader Program

An educational experience created specifically for the CIT USA’s Become a Trader Program


A dense training program

The trading school’s program offers a rich variety of courses: in total, 19 subjects will be studied throughout the year. All of these disciplines, whether they’re human sciences or trading techniques, are adapted to the trading school’s style of teaching. What this means is that morning classes in financial theory are followed by time to put the subjects into practice in the trading room during the afternoon. These 19 course units will all be evaluated before the end of the year, through exams on theory and by the ‘track record’ of student trading room performance, which serves as a continuous assessment throughout the year.

These course units form the base of the trading school’s training course. The diploma is only granted once the student successfully has successfully passed all 19 units. In addition to this, in order to further validate what skills students put on their CVs, the CIT compliments its diploma with several well-known tests, such as the TOEFL and the GMAT, which are prepared for and taken at the school. These tests serve to double the visibility of the graduate’s CV. The methods of evaluation are detailed in the section on diploma requirements.

A path to excellence

The CIT’s trading course is overseen by experts in many disciplines and integrated in a modern trading room. This implies a somewhat elevated tuition, which is described here. Even so, we keep social equality in mind, and fees are lower for students on scholarships, and are even free for level 6 CROUS students. What’s more, the CIT’s banking partners, have offered advantageous financing opportunities, and provide loans at a zero interest rate for the school’s students.  The CIT does not consider itself to be an elitist institution, but rather as a school open to all who have the necessary motivation and qualities to participate in a highly demanding program.  Moreover, one must consider education as an investment in the future: it opens doors to recruitment, and allows for network development in the United States’ highly active financial sector.

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A unique learning experience combining theorical finance and trading courses with the opportunity to apply that knowledge in real a market room.

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