A Sector of Research at the core of the CIT’s Trading Formation

A Sector of Research at the core of the CIT’s Trading Formation

The Californian Institute of Trading chose to study hardware computing finance at the heart of its research program in the CITRD, as this discipline can be a decisive advantage for the individual who practices trading on a daily basis through an online platform, where with each millisecond of their competitor’s progress can turn into profit. Different laboratory researchers oversee the projects of hardware and algorithmic creation, and compose a think-tank on possible financial advancements thanks to hard trading and high frequency trading. The outcome of the CITRD’s research fall primarily to the benefit of students of the CIT’s Become a Trader Program, who work in a trading room under optimal technical conditions.

A Research Field with a Modern Application

Hardware computing finance is the field of study of hardware for use in finance. The study of hardware computing intersects and is completed by research in high frequency trading, another field of study in the Californian Institute of Trading. But where a High Frequency Trader doesn’t worry about optimizing trading software, a Hard Trader endeavors to optimize the machine itself, by making more powerful versions, with even faster reactor times.

The goal is the same in high frequency trading: to manipulate volumes of data at more rapid speeds and in higher quantities, in order to give an advantage to traders who use them against their competitors.

This is done through powerful machines, capable of supporting complex algorithmic programs that process millions of data without showing any lag in processing time, thanks to a compilation of optimal hardware.  Large IT groups, such as Intel, Falcon Systems have specialized part of their production for trading, making machines for individuals and professionals. However, these machines come at a high cost, as they are at the forefront of technology in terms of speed and power.

This form of “hard finance” doesn’t function simply thanks to the construction of hardware, but also by its geographical positioning: Placing servers that process data near Wall Street, the epicenter of market finance action, allows a millisecond’s head-start in the processing of information, thus giving an advantage against competitors.

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