Research and Innovation in CIT USA’s training program

Behavioral and Quantitative finance in the trading school

L'innovation et la recherche complètent le programme de formation en tradingResearch in all disciplines applicable to trading is at the heart of our business at the Trading school.
The faculty is the center and distributor of knowledge at the core of the CIT. With its many permanent professors, the Institute does its research work on an international scale in most major disciplines of Trading. The Institute’s varied research reflects the diversity of thought and culture, as well as the spirit of open-mindedness and high standard of intellectualism.

The permanent faculty is reinforced by a team of researchers that bring their academic, professional and pedagogic skills to the students in the CIT’s program.

Through their research work, development of pedagogic material, and through their interaction in the business world, the professors enrich the CIT’s teaching programs; they contribute to business decisions in the Trading world and participate in debates in the scientific community.

Our will to be at the forefront of research is validated in numbers, as, each year, the CIT recruits a dozen of researchers from prestigious university programs by offering them generous scholarships and grants.

Through the recruitment of researchers and professors who hold access to the international academic world, the CIT has created the CIT Research Department, a research laboratory where young researchers and PhD students of different cultures can rub elbows with well-known experts in their respective fields.  This “melting pot”, typical of the American education system, has made the CITRD a place of intellectual exchange and debates on finance, nourished by points of view from different cultures. This community of exchange allows the Center to develop financial models that are not necessarily related to occidental financial thought, but rather that are constructed from a globalized vision, which is imperative in the twenty-first century.

The CITRD’s scientific work includes dozens of remarkable and confidential results that have been used in portfolio management on a variety of financial products.

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