The Trading Program’s Classic English Course

General English for Traders

Course description

English specific to the vocabulary of finance is essential in the trading course, but a stock market professional requires an excellent level of English in other fields in order to analyze current events within commerce.  The CIT requires that its students become bilingual and familiar with these fields so that they may be perfectly at ease in their residing country and in their future professional life.  Students can only receive the diploma under the condition that they pass two tests: the TOEFL and the IELTS. Students can prepare for these two tests by using pedagogic material supplied by the CIT.  The only linguistic course required by the CIT is English, but optional courses can be chosen by the student in order to perfect his or herself in another language under the direction of a native-speaking professor. The CIT highly recommends that students study Spanish, as it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and extremely useful for daily life in Los Angeles.

Course content

  • Learn the contents of a vocabulary and grammar book published by the CIT
  • 2 hours per week of class, through grammar exercises and correction, as well as debates on current events and commerce, in order to increase familiarity with common expressions.
  • In addition, students engage in daily practice of English in the trading room, in daily life in Los Angeles, and through exposure to various forms of media.
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A unique learning experience combining theorical finance and trading courses with the opportunity to apply that knowledge in real a market room.

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