Current Events Analysis Course for Traders

Analysis of current events, an essential skill for traders

Course Content

The course meets 2 hours per week and is led by entrepreneurs and professors who work at the heart of the business world.  The course is given alongside other courses in the Become a Trader program, such as geopolitics, microeconomics, and so on.  It features in-depth analysis of current events, in order to push students to form the habit of never making decisions in the trading room without first having analyzed the context of the situation.  The course provides students with the keys to understanding forever changing and evolving world events, and their effects on the financial sector. With this in mind, studying in the United States makes perfect sense, as the CIT’s students are in an environment where informative media is highly developed and omnipresent.

Course Context

L'analyse de l'actualité est présente dans la formation tradingContrary to popular belief, traders are not closed in up in trading rooms with no thought for the outside world. Instead, the ‘outside world’ is their primary concern, as it directly influences the tendencies and evolution of changes within the market.  Each event, however minor it may be, can influence the course that a stock may take, even if it’s thousands of miles away.  As globalization is continually developing, no element within current events occurs without consequence, and it is always related to economic stakeholders who then pass on the effects of the change.  Whether it’s the result of an election, a civil protest movement, the beginning of a conflict… every event in our world modifies the market’s health and performance.

We are all well aware that conflicts in the Middle East, at the center of fossil fuel production, can cause radical changes and drive the stock market to catastrophe, if they are not anticipated.  Even international sporting events, such as the 2014 World Cup in Brazil have repercussions on companies who operate within the country.  No information within current events can be neglected, and that’s why the Californian Institute of Trading insists on a concern for global events within its training program.

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