​Computer Science for Traders

The CIT’s computer science Course

Course context

The Californian Institute of Trading offers an advanced program in computer science so that our students, as future traders, may become accustomed to and develop their understanding of trading software and technical tools which they will use in their daily professional lives.  What is more, the CIT offers this as a two-part Course, which combines a morning computer science Course with an afternoon application in the trading room.  The course is crucial to the trading course, as new forms of finance (such as high frequency trading) function around the automatization and acceleration of exchange processes.

In effect, finance saw a major rise in the second half of the 20th century, as a wave of globalization radically transformed our world, our way of communicating, and of trading.  Similarly to the rise of globalization, the rise of finance has brought new technologies with it, which have allowed for faster communication, as well as the transfer and management of greater and greater volumes of data.  Today the financial world is influenced by these technologies and reciprocally requires the creation of new software and complex new financial algorithms made especially for secure transfers within trading rooms.

The course does not work to make the CIT’s students into algorithmic engineers, but rather to allow them to understand the IT mechanisms behind their daily professional tools. Nevertheless, we offer additional optional IT programs, led by specialists and researchers in the CIT’s computer science research department, which allow any students wishing to develop their programming skills (by learning to use C+ or Python programming languages, for example).

Course content

  • Introduction
  • History of technologies: Servlets, javabeans, JSP, datasources
  • Evolution of architectures
  • Presentation of J2EE technology: platform components, roles and services
  • Servers of Java applications
  • Data storage
  • XML
  • Optional learning of programming languages: C+, Python
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A unique learning experience combining theorical finance and trading courses with the opportunity to apply that knowledge in real a market room.

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