Education in the subjects fundamental to trading

An education and diploma of excellence

Enseignement des matières fondamentales de trading

The Californian Institute of Trading is proud to offer a state of the art education in subjects complementary to financial techniques. Starting with the most important, they are: macroeconomics, trading psychology, financial mathematics… all taught by highly qualified professors who are part of the financial or commercial world.  In addition, the practice of these disciplines is applied in a trading room where the CIT’s students spend a significant amount of time learning and perfection their trading methods. Consequently, the announcement of the CIT’s creation has been supported with great enthusiasm by institutions of higher education throughout France and The United States, and particularly by American investment companies. These very companies may one day prove to be the future employers of today’s CIT students, as they see the CIT as leading a very position evolution in the development of financial trading courses.

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A unique learning experience combining theorical finance and trading courses with the opportunity to apply that knowledge in real a market room.

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