CIT Diploma's Professional Recognition

Professional opportunities

  1. To become a CIT graduate, one must take and pass the course in Financial Risk Management, as well as the FRM ®, the only certification in financial risk management that is recognized worldwide by financial authorities.
  2. Graduation from the CIT additionally requires that the student have a high quality track record on the trading floor, which provides concrete proof to companies of your potential.
  3. Finally, graduation from the CIT means that you possess an excellent understanding of North American Business Culture, all while displaying an indisputably advanced level of English, qualified by a score on the TOEFL® and the ICFE ®. Passing these tests with a minimum required score is necessary to receive the CIT diploma; they confirm to employers the excellence of the course, as well as the linguistic competencies of the candidate. The TOEFL ® exam provides proof of linguistic competency and fluency, while the ICFE ® attests to the candidate’s understanding of technical financial English.


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With the help of the CIT, get the only certification in financial risk management recognized worldwide by financial authorities.

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Certified Track Record

Student performance will be registered throughout the year, providing recruiters with strong visibility on the student.



With the CIT, you are certain to get an excellent score on tests required by companies and universities worldwide.

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A unique learning experience combining theorical finance and trading courses with the opportunity to apply that knowledge in real a market room.

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