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After having completed their studies at CIT’s trading school, most of our students head towards the professional world to make use of their competencies acquired during their studies. They then become Traders for financial groups, for banks, for brokerage houses or hedge funds… However some choose to continue their studies in order to start careers that require further qualifications: for those who specialize in financial mathematics, or in sales with a more commercial profile, the CIT offers a general and complete trading training course that keeps all doors open. With this in mind, taking certain international tests in addition to receiving the CIT diploma is therefore made necessary, in order to give students greater visibility when entering the job market.

After receiving the CIT diploma, there are further possibilities for those who don’t wish to become Traders. Our courses in market finance, commerce and economy remain open to CIT graduates.  CIT graduates leave the program bilingual, with mastery of market finance and with a diploma and tests recognized worldwide.

… The most renowned American universities

The CIT Trader training course was created to allow students who desire to continue their studies in renowned American universities to specialize in financial mathematics (and to become a Quant, for example). As admission into these universities is highly competitive, the CIT has integrated the GMAT ® (Graduate Management Admission Test) into its program. The CIT’s preparation is a way to guarantee that our students will be able to meet the required high scores to enter into Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc.

This test does not evaluate the competencies acquired in the trading school—the diploma will guarantee that—but rather it proves the excellence of the CIT training course to researchers and heads of American universities.  In effect, a high score on the GMAT supports the qualifications that students put on their CVs, and university recruiters trust in an exam that they require of their own students.

It is for this reason that the CIT diploma is issued under the condition that students receive the minimum required score on the GMAT ® or the TAGE MAGE ® (see below), in order to prove to Ivy League recruiters and companies that our students have indeed participated in an excellent program.

The most renowned French management schools

HEC, ESCP, EM Lyon, and other prestigious French schools of management have set a minimum score on the TAGE MAGE® as an admission requirement into their “Grand Ecole” or Specialized Masters programs, which is a gauge of the rigor and excellence of their programs. To allow those who wish to follow this path, the CIT has included an intensive preparation course into its curriculum. Similar to the GMAT ®, the TAGE MAGE ® is a guarantee to recruiters that students of the CIT have both acquired essential skills in trading, as well as followed an intensive and excellent formation. It is therefore obligatory to receive the minimum required score on the TAGE MAGE ® or GMAT ® to receive the CIT Trader’s Diploma.


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