The CIT’s Trading Course Diploma

The CIT Trader’s Diploma : A gauge of quality

The CIT diploma, issued upon completion of the CIT program, is an assurance that the graduate possesses competencies essential in the world of finance. It testifies not only to a quality experience in trading, but it also certifies an excellent level of English and mastery in administration and management.

In effect, there are multiple conditions to receive the diploma, which rely on different tests and obligatory evaluations, recognized both on an academic as well as a professional level.

The different evaluations

  1. Validation of acquired theoretical knowledge

The various courses taught throughout the CIT Trading formation are validated by theoretical exams, which evaluate the student’s acquired competencies. These exams and their corresponding dates are explained in detail here.

  1. Validation of acquired practices

Throughout the year, students will take practical courses in a trading room. They will also make transactions with a portfolio that is given to them at the beginning of the academic year. These transactions are saved under the form of a “track record”, which is explained in more detail here.

  1. The English test

The CIT has chosen to prepare its students for the TOEFL ®, an exam that guarantees a high level of English and is recognized by companies and universities throughout the world. Passing this test is necessary to receive the CIT diploma, with the goal of guaranteeing that our students are bilingual and prepared to work in an international market. Details on the preparation and requirements of the TOEFL ® are available here.

This test is complemented by the ICFE ®, an exam of excellence created by the University of Cambridge, which evaluates the mastery of English in finance marketing, administration and accounting. Details on the preparation and requirements of the ICFE ® are available here.

  1. Aptitude tests in Administration and Management

In order to receive their CIT diploma, students must also pass the GMAT ® (Graduate Management Admission Test) in English. French students must also pass the TAGE MAGE ®, in order to evaluate their aptitudes in administration. Details on the preparation and requirements of the GMAT ® and the TAGE MAGE ® are available here.

  1. Banking certification recognized by the authorities of Market Finance Regulation

The course in Financial risk management allows the student to receive their FRM ® (Financial Risk Manager) certification, which is the only certification of Financial Risk Management recognized worldwide by authorities of market finance regulation. To learn more about the multiple opportunities that this certificate offers, click here.

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