Final section of the entrance exams: The interview

Final section of the entrance exams: The interview

Format of the interview

Upon registration for the entrance exam, applicants must provide both a letter of motivation and CV, which will be evaluated by the jury in order to display the applicant’s experience and personality. But this oral exam does not depend entirely on this information, as it is a collective interview: several applicants are reunited before the jury and must debate on a theme within the field of market finance chosen by the jury. This exercise is not necessarily to evaluate the applicant’s knowledge—this will be developed in the trading school—but rather to test their motivation, maturity, and their capacity for argumentation, oral expression and analysis of current events. This interview, which lasts for one hour, is in French for the first half hour and in English during the second half hour. This allows us to evaluate the applicant’s speaking mastery in English, as well as their capacity for adaptation.

Required Score

  • The interview is scored out of 200 points.
  • Any score under 100 points is eliminatory.


  • Refer to the calendar for practical details on the exam schedule
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