Level of calculus required for acceptance

Level of calculus required for acceptance into the Become a Trader CIT USA program

A training course in finance requires a certain affinity for numbers and figures. Minimal mathematical skills are required to enter into the CIT’s program. A Market Finance Aptitude (MFA) test created exclusively for the CIT ensures that the applicant possesses the basic mathematical skills necessary to participate in the trading school.

Format of the MFA test

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Multiple choice format
  • 100 questions
  • Score out of 300 points (Correct response= +3/ No response= 0/ Incorrect response= -1)

Required Score

To be accepted into the program, an applicant must obtain a minimum score of 150/300 points.  Scores will be curved based on the highest score obtained within the group of applicants.


Refer to the calendar for practical details on the exam schedule

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